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What will a massage feel like?

Massages feel different depending on the kind of massage you ask for.

Matchedash Massage Therapy in Orillia, Ontario explains how a massage will feel

Massages can vary in technique depending on the kind that is being performed. It is very important that you communicate with your massage therapist on how much pressure the therapist delivers. No matter what kind of massage you get, the massage should feel nice and relaxing, and never hurt. Even a massage like deep tissue, where there is generally more pressure, should feel good. Always feel open to voice your preference for pressure before and during the massage. With this being stated, certain techniques like trigger point therapy can feel uncomfortable at times but you are always in control of the amount of pressure. A massage starts with you laying face down with your face in a cradle so you don't strain your neck. You are usually naked underneath a towel or sheet, but you can wear underwear or anything that makes you feel comfortable. The first touch of the massage will be gentle, not a surprise. With warm hands, massage oil will be used so that the massage therapists' hands will glide smoothly over your skin. From here, there will be a combination of massage strokes to work the muscle tissue including:

- Smooth, gliding strokes to warm the muscle issue of the targeted area. This can be done slowly or more quickly, with slower being more relaxing and quicker more invigorating.

- Kneading the muscle tissue by pulling and lifting the soft muscle away from bone structure. This is done to work the tissue more deeply.

- Targeting a particular trouble spot to separate the tissues, make the muscle softer and restore circulation. This can be done with thumb or fingers, or elbows for a more intense feel. Depending on how much pressure is used and how you interpret the sensation, this can feel good or a bit uncomfortable. Remember to communicate!

- Passive stretching can be done to mobilize the joint, such as moving your arm over your head.

The best way to figure out what a massage feels like and what massage style you may like the most, is to try it for yourself! Laura Joyce at Matchedash Massage Therapy will use her knowledge to create a massage plan for you based on your preferences to make a massage as relaxing as possible. For more infromation contact Matchedash Massage Therapy in Orillia, Ontario.

What will a massage feel like?
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